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My wife and I went away for a weekend to the Drakensberg, a mountainous area in South Africa. We found a really nice “4 Star” Bed and Breakfast while looking on the internet for Drakensberg Accommodation that was off the beaten track, and yet was still close enough to the tourist attractions (the Midlands Meander) to make it ideal. I would fully recommend this Bed and Breakfast if you were to travel to South Africa or the Drakensberg (if you’re already IN South Africa). Post a comment and I will reply with a link to their web-site. After having spent the entire weekend driving around the Midlands Meander in the Drakensberg, I could probably give you a few pointers on where to stay and why certain Drakensberg Accommodation is better than others…


BUT, and it’s just a little but, here are a few things I would recommend you take a look at improving if you own a Bed and Breakfast:

  • Quaint is nice, but make sure it’s not old-looking. An example is a bathroom that might be very clean, but hasn’t been changed or upgraded in 20 years… Put in new tiles, taps and basins. It will make a WORLD of difference
  • Ensure the paint does not look like it’s peeling. If you give the place a new paint job, give the WHOLE place a new paint job. Don’t forget the window-sills
  • Ensure the doors (and locks) fit properly. Get a locksmith to come in and fix things. DON’T let you guests struggle to lock the door to their room

These things might sound really obvious, and yes, the Bed and Breakfast in the Drakensberg could get away with these minor details because of their impeccable customer service (and value for money), but the little things count. A visitor won’t notice if it’s right, but will definitely notice if it’s wrong, so fix it…

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  1. Please advise what the name of this B&B is in the Drakensberg? The picture of the little white cottage with the Beauganville.


  2. Many thanks James! Will you be staying there again? An update on its condition would be great.

    Safe driving.

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