Caring for Granite Counters

I’ve been asked by a few people how to care for granite, among other things, so I did some research and will try and put all my Granite Care findings here… Of course, if you have any comments or other ideas, please leave a comment.

Granite Stain Resistant:

Granite is an extremely strong material, and can withstand heat and scratches to some degree. But it is a porous material, and therefore can stain. But it is not as easily stained as Marble, which is more porous than granite. The best way to prevent your granite from staining is to use a granite sealer. If you’re going to be using this sealer on the granite in your kitchen, make sure it is non-toxic. Shop around for the best prices of granite sealer, but try and ensure you get a good quality one. Ask the supplier/dealer if this sealer is suitable for your type of granite. You will also have to apply this sealer to your granite once every 1-2 years…

If you have stained your granite, you can buy certain poultices or chemicals to get rid of the stain. It is not necessarily the end of the world…

Granite Scratch Resistant:

As I mentioned above, granite is very strong, and quite highly scratch-resistant. But, the sealer that you put on the granite is not. This means that it is not recommended that you cut directly on the granite.

Granite Heat Resistant:

Granite is very heat resistant, according to most websites, but I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of putting extremely hot pots directly on the granite. I have done it, but I prefer not to. You can buy very cheap yet stylish pot rests…

Any other ideas? Please leave a comment…

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