Valentines Day 2008

I hope everybody reading this had a very good Christmas! I sure did…

What to do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and I thought I would give my new list of cheap Valentines Day ideas!


A picnic is cheap because all you need to do is buy a bit of food, and find a grassy spot to sit and eat.

Doesn’t sound as romantic like that, does it? But here’s an idea.

Take the day off and go to Woolworths and buy the following:

– chicken wings
– meatballs
– a salad you like
– 2 deserts
– some juice and/or wine

Don’t forget a few plastic knives and forks (free at Woolworths).

Then, go pay a visit to your local botanical garden. There’s one in Pretoria, Cape Town and Krugersdorp (I think…).

Take a blanket and you’re sorted!

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The drive-in

When last did you go to the drive in?
Did you go when you started dating?

How about shopping for some of the food items I listed for the picnic above and have a romantic evening at the Drive-in.

Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, so the drive-in might not be too busy, and the restaurants will be packed!

And remember, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ll try updating this article as I think of more things, but if you’re here and feeling generous/genius, then please leave a comment with your own idea…

5 Replies to “Valentines Day 2008”

  1. Hmmm…your idea for a picnic does sound romantic, however, it would need to be an indoor picnic here as we are in the middle of a very cold snowy winter here in Nh in the indoor picnic might work, decked out in front of the fireplace, perhaps…love your site, peace.

  2. Valentines idea: Spend the night in.
    Get some candles, a great smelling bubble bath, some rose petals, a bubbly of sorts, a lavender aromatherapy massage oil.
    When you honey comes home, have your meal as planned, for an added bonus on “desert”, create a romantic mood in your bathroom. Light the candles, make the bubble bath and sprinkle rose petals (or any other flower petals), leading to the bathroom, in the bathroom and in the bath….. Bath each other, it’s sensual and sexy…. Once done, retreat to your bedroom, carry the mood through with the candles, petals and maybe burn some aroma oil…. Then get down the sensual lavender oil massage. Lavender is wonderful for all, it soothes and relaxes and will aid in a great nights sleep.


  3. I totally agree with the picnic idea. I did it with my ex-boyf one year in our little garden with candles. And Varen (the current boyf) & I like to picnic at Walter Sisulu botanical gardens 🙂

  4. A picnic-idea is the best, and the Botanical gardens in Krugersdorp/Roodepoort is soooooo romantic! it is called Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens.

  5. This year i’m getting my fiancee 6 lillies (her favourite) and 6 roses, a teddy and a beautiful made up box with a chocolate heart & a special message from me… and for tonight,we are having a picnic bu candle light, followed by a romantic sponge bath for her and a full body massage with specially made saffron oil cost: R300 – quite cheap for all the above

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