Gift Ideas for Christmas

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First off, my absolute FAVOURITE idea is AudioBooks.

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I have personally been a member of for about 6 years now, and have listened to about 40 audio books.

Even as a member I can receive audiobooks as gifts, but I’ve definitely given more audiobooks as gifts than I’ve received πŸ™‚ (I guess because I just buy my own because it’s so easy as a member).

I’ve written up a review about audiobooks here: “Audiobooks Let You Read While Sitting In Traffic

So, if you give just one awesome gift to anybody who enjoys reading, I fully recommend AudioBooks from

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My Other Christmas Gift Ideas

Office Space DVD

My gift idea is the “Office Space” DVD. This DVD is the PERFECT comedy for any person in the I.T. industry. It is one of my favourite movies of all time, and is one of those that goes down really well when your son (or whoever in your family is the geeky person) has a get together…

Garmin Satellite Navigation

My BEST present this year was a Garmin Nuvi 310 satellite navigation unit.

I seriously don’t know how I ever lived without one. ESPECIALLY since I have absolutely no sense of direction. The accuracy of the unit amazes me every time I use it. For example, I live in a complex, and it even directs me out of the complex, before I even get onto the main road.

The only drawback is that these units are not cheap, so make sure you buy what you need. Some of the Garmin units come with the capabilities of storing MP3s and Audiobooks, but you seriously don’t need that, especially if you already have an ipod or some other music device.

Go check them out at Digital Planet

Disney Book Club

I wish my parents had this idea when I was a child. This would have made the perfect children’s Christmas present!

The Disney Book Club encourages countless hours of family fun and bonding with books! Inspired from DisneyÒ€ℒs beloved movies, these illustrated storybooks build into a library of memorable bedtime stories.

The Disney Book Club is a cost-effective solution to collect all the classic stories as well as the latest movie releases, and encourages a lifelong love of reading. The books are ideal for children in any of the stages of early reading.

For more information, go to

Flowers for your Mother-in-Law

Are you stuck for ideas on what to get your Mother-in-Law? How about chocolates and flowers.

You KNOW ladies never get tired of that. πŸ™‚

Wine for the Wine Lover

If you or your partner enjoy wine, why not buy yourselves a gift from Wine Web?

Or you could buy the gift for your father-in-law. I know MY father-in-law loves wine, so this is a great idea… But shhh…. Don’t tell him πŸ˜‰

Even MORE Christmas present ideas!

And, if these ideas and the ones below are not enough, try visiting GiftDay, a website dedicated to the giving of gifts. I’m pretty sure you’ll find somethere…

25 Replies to “Gift Ideas for Christmas”

  1. The worst christmas gift i ever got was a madam and eve book that was a christmas bestseller. I think you should avoid giving books (as gifts) that are well publicized – that way you won’t give someone a book they already have!

    rather find out what type of book the person likes and buy a similar kind of book…

    or just buy a damn playstation for them!!

  2. I think a really cool Xmas gift would be a mystical one.

    Get the one you love and take them on a mystical journey, starting at breakfast, meeting up with surprise “BEST ” friends.

    Then A lunch with friends of all descriptions. (friends are people you think your loved one would enjoy spending time with)

    For dinner just you for dessert. (and make it good)

    Remember YOU are the present to keep !!!!!

  3. My gift idea is a board game called “Cranium”.
    Apparently called the “whole-brain game”.
    It’s a mixture of other popular party games…made up of;
    Creative Cat – person needs to draw(closed eyes) or sculpt with clay to depict word to teammates
    Word Worm – definitions, unscrambling & spelling of words…
    Star Performer – you sing or act like a celeb, and the team needs to guess who you are…
    Data Head – Trivia

    It’s lots of fun!
    You can somma play the game with your family after Christmas lunch, while you wait for pudding πŸ™‚

  4. A nice fluffy Bath Sheet with the persons name embroided on it. Why? because everyone needs a nice big bath towel, and it’s got their name on. It can be given to anyone young, old, male, female… like a his & hers gift or even one for your single friends. Towels aren ot that expensive & if you don’t sew like me you can get someone to embroid the names on.

  5. Last year I was too broke to buy gifts, so I bought a box of cherries from the Market and a bottle of brandy. I scrounged from my Gran every Consol glass bottle she had and I made brandied cherries. I also baked biscotti and put them in gift boxes I bought at a packaging factory shop. My gifts were such a hit, everyone’s asked for the same again this year!

  6. my idea for christmas is to give something personal, for their own private use like a box of choclates with candles and bath time products for a lady.

  7. The nicest present received was a joint present for my husband and I – a small cooler box that holds the inner bag from a 5l box of wine or a six pack of beers or Cokes. It has been wonderfully useful for picnics and even for putting frozen goodies in when supermarketing.

  8. I enjoy making homemade gifts. This year for the little girls (and some of the big girls) I went to the thrift stores and got little girl skirts, you take beaded fringe and sew the bottom shut. Then attach some handles and you have a fast and really cute purse.

  9. christmas gifts for friends this year – homemade ginger cookies, biltong and dried fruit, personally wrap.

  10. My idea of a wonderful gift to give to others comes from the heart. I love putting together gift baskets that will be great for the family or individual. For mine and my husbands parents I will put together a basket of handmade gifts with the children’s help. for example coasters made with the childrens handprints. I love shopping at Michaels craft and coming up with all kinds of neat ideas. I also put in popcorn and other delightful things. for brothers and sisters family I am doing a game night package to bring the family together. popcorn, hot chocolate and a board game or card game to fit the ages of the children. I can’t wait to see the look of suprise and happiness on my loved ones faces!!! Merry christmas all and God’s love and blessings!!!

  11. I think handmade gifts are the best, because they come from the heart. My favorite handmade gifts always involve photos in one way or another. This year I plan to give calendars with different family photos for each month. I have also made scrapbooks, T-shirts and photo magnets in the past, to name a few :)!

  12. Last year my husband and i got creative and made a CD full of christmas music and then homemade sweet mustard, everyone loved it.

  13. A fantastic Christmas gift this year would be a USB Turntable Vinyl to MP3. It’s great to pass all your old records into your computer without having to go to professionals and pay a fortune.

  14. For females, I suggest a “pamper hamper” loaded with bath/shower smellies PLUS fattening chocolates and sweets. For men, if they enjoy hiring out DVD’s , his own video store contract, where he can hire out his favourite DVD’s.

  15. a great gift for the ladies is always a nice lingerie set – we all like to wear sexy underwear and all the underwear makes are producing such nice lingrie that isnt that expensive!

  16. make a photo puzzle for someone. If It’s A child, make it A4 size. use cardboard, print a photo of the person, cut in into pieces and wrap it. awesome to see a childs face when he/she puts him/herself together

  17. Recently I have been partial to ‘experience’ gifts at Christmas time, as I feel that I am now (at 30 years) creating memories as opposed to knick-knacks. So, the Ayurvedic spa is my choice. It is hosted by Back2Health in KwaZulu-Natal.

  18. Well done to Angelique (comment #19).

    Her number was chosen using the Random Number Generator on the following site:

    Being South African (from what I can tell), she has the following options for Gift Vouchers:

    Gift Day – My personal favourite
    Digital Planet

    That doesn’t mean you should stop leaving your own ideas here, though πŸ™‚

    Thanks to those who DID leave a Christmas Present Suggestion.

  19. Hi.

    this might come as a different email to other that you have recieved but i am looking for some great Idea’s NOT gifts for a man. My moms husband (not my dad) is serving life in prison and each year she tries to do something new and different as they are not allowed gifts “inside” and has sadly run out of good ideas this year.
    If possible, please could you assist. i would really appreciate it.

    Kind Regards

  20. normally a scrap book, will letters typed out in the shape of a xmas tree…. things along those lines. you are limited when you cant buy an actual gift.

  21. Well, how abt a topic on “Gifts you really DON’T want for Christmas [or birthdays, Anniversaries, etc…], and another topic on gifts… “The Worst Gift I Ever Had” … I should think some good laughs will come from these! And along these thoughts I would like to say that I really DO NOT like ‘Hamper Pampers”, hand creams, bubble baths, soaps, flannels, sponges, etc… Jst seems to be the easiest way to buy a gift for someone and many ladies seem to do that. Unless u really KNOW this lady likes these items PLEASE don’t presume all ladies do. In one year I had sooooo many of these given as gifts that the 2nd shelf in my cupbrd was full of them and I don’t even use the bath as I only shower [I have had two nasty falls which damaged my knees so I cannot kneel to get out of a bath and people knw this but still buy me bath products!! Thats like giving reading glasses to the blind!!]. I don’t even like them for the shower… I don’t appreciate these gifts as there really is no thought put into it, and no heart behind it and its a quick gift to pick up frm anywhere to wrap up that day or for the nxt dy. When I giv a gift to ANYONE I always spend a lot of time and put some love into the effort, then I knw its truly appreciated. I never buy hand cream or soap as a gift [unless its been asked for]. I spent the nxt yr giving all my shelf-full of goodies away to anyone who wanted them. I rmbr one yr at a ladies church group, when it was someones birthday I would really look for that special gift that did not cost me a fortune but only some effort, & they were always delighted with the gift, when it came to mine… guess what I recieved??… yep, hand creams, foam bath, soaps, and one lady gav me a gift box with liquid soap and square sponge that when I opened it, it was so old the sponge had gone brown underneath. So she either bought it frm a ‘bargain counter’ or it was an unwanted gift stored up in her cupbrd ~ very thoughtful!! I always believed that what u sow is what u reap, but those ladies sure proved me wrong, so I don’t believe in it nw. PLEASE put some heart and effort into your gifts!! I did notice at the chrch grp that every birthday that person recieved the same “Hamper Pampers” as I did, unless it was best friends [amazing how the gifts were so different then….].

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