Fathers Day 2009 is approaching fast!

Is it just me or is time REALLY flying these days? It’s almost Fathers Day, AGAIN! 🙂

So, just a reminder that Fathers Day in America and South Africa happens to land on the 3rd Sunday in June every year, so this year, it’s on June 21st.

Don’t forget to check out my article on Father’s Day 2009 Gift Ideas. And, PLEASE add any ideas you have in the comments at the bottom. If you just add what you gave (or received) last year, that would be one more idea for the hundreds of other visitors to that article.

If you want to share your ideas or thoughts that you put into your Fathers Day cards (did you write your own Fathers Day Poems?) then feel free to share them as a comment at the bottom of THIS article.

And, speaking of other ideas, a friend of mine has started his own site: DIY Tips. He’s also written an article for fathers day, so you can visit that one here: “DIY Tips Fathers Day gadgets”.

I’m trying to get him to write up an article on how to make a cool “handy man” bottle opener… But that’s still coming.

So, I hope you enjoy Fathers Day in a couple of weeks, and remember this site on the Monday afterwards so you can share what you gave and received with the rest of the WWWorld!


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  1. why not buy a WormBox for dad? The Porsche of all earthworm farms available in Pretoria. See Soilsouls for more detail…..

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