Christmas is Coming! What are you buying?

Gifts under the Christmas Tree

The holiday season is almost upon us.

And whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you probably give presents.

Do you know anybody travelling over this holiday season? Maybe get them a couple of audiobooks to help let the travel time pass quickly.

What will you be buying for Christmas this year?

Will it be cheap because of the “global meltdown”?

Will it be expensive because you’re just so rich?

Hopefully no family members are reading this (you know how it is with family, they never visit your website unless you ask them 🙂 ), but here’s what my wife and I bought for our family:

  • Concert tickets to see “The Killers“. Yes, it’s already passed, but it was given as a Christmas present.
  • Audiobooks from – As you might know by know, one of my BEST subscriptions.
  • Tickets to see Dr. Demartini. Not for everyone, but some people really like it
  • Perfume – try out a new one. If you’re not buying your own, you might get a little riskier than you would if you were buying it for yourself 😛

Ideas for Gifts

Whatever you’re giving this year, please take a look at some of the other “gift” pages on this site for inspiration:

Christmas Gift Ideas – This is the main one where other visitors have given their own ideas (just like you’re about to 😉 )

Romantic Anniversary Gift – Nobody says this HAS to be an anniversary present only

Audi Advanced Driving Course – OK, NOT exactly a cheap idea, but a great one none-the-less.

Gift Ideas for Mothers Day – Maybe you’ll find a little inspiration here

Gift Ideas for Fathers Day – And even MORE inspiration

Share your Own!

I really hope you can share your own ideas. It just makes life easier for everyone.

Especially for people who are not so creative. There are some REALLY creative readers out there.

Are you one of them? 😀

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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