Audi Advanced Driving Course

My wife recently gave me a GREAT gift. An Advanced Driving Lesson given by Audi.

I personally think that EVERYBODY should go on this course. Especially young drivers as it will give them a bit more confidence on the road. It would probably make a GREAT 21st birthday present (it’s not that cheap, so it has to be a big occasion).

I arrived at Kyalami race track at around 8am and we had a short theory lesson on stopping the vehicle and maintaining control of a car during a skid. It was very interesting, especially since there are things you just don’t think of, as obvious as they turn out to be.

The Audi Advanced Driving Lessons is a great giftWe then went to the Gerotec Racetrack where we spent the rest of the day learning the following:

– Controlling a car that is aqua plaining
– Controlling a car that has lost grip going round a curve
– Seeing how long it actually takes a car to come to a stop – you would be surprised

One of the best things about the day is actually getting to drive such good quality cars, and really taking them to the limits with regards to skid control. The instructors show you what the cars CAN do, before turning off this ability so that you can learn how to handle a car that doesn’t handle as well as the Audis we used.

Only problem is, it really makes you want to buy a new car!

As I mentioned earlier, I would recommend that everyone goes on this course. Especially here in South Africa thanks to the wide variety of roads and bad drivers (read: Taxi drivers).

You can take a look at it here: Audi Advanced Driving Course

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  1. Thanks so much! Was not too sure If I should get the advanced driving course from Audi or Toyota for my husband, but you have made up my mind!

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