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Ok, as a final note on Coricraft (for a few months at least 🙂 ), I thought I would add this post. There are a LOT of visitors coming here every day looking for info on Coricraft, and some are disappointed to find that they can probably expect really bad service from them.

Can Coricraft give good service?The main problem with Coricraft is that there’s no reason to GIVE good service. They’ve received your deposit, so it’s unlikely you’ll back out, and the furniture is not sitting in the showroom, so it’s somebody else’s problem. I’m not sure if the sales staff receive commission, but I would expect that they do, so it’s in their own best interest to give good service if they will receive more custom from other shoppers because of it.

So, here’s my plan.

If it’s used or not is a different matter entirely, because nobody enjoys writing positive reviews, only complaints. If you receive good service from a particular person, please leave their name and store name as a comment below. Then, any other potential buyers will be able to ask directly for that person. Of course, you would have to tell the sales person how you found out about them so that they are encouraged to give you good service.

It’s not the best solution, but a solution that might help future shoppers, and the company and it’s staff.

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  1. I experienced similar problems with Coricraft. I purchased my furniture in the June and was promised 2 months max delivery time. Nov 2006 I received the last of my goods. I spent over R33 000.00 furnishing my house I was very disapointed with their lack of service and as you have to pay upfront they really dont give a rats ass what you think of them. Their H/O attitude is you liked you paid so what ! Only after I complained on Hello Peter did I finally get a response from some one at Coricraft and then it still took a month to get to me, I thank my lucky stars nothing was damaged… I might have just lost it if something had been !! Think twice before you spend your money their, I had signed promises and that meant nothing to them. It seems that the customer has to abide by Coricrafts rules but bugger the customer… we have your money we don’t care !!!

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    It looks like nobody has anything good to say about Coricraft yet! Oh well.

    Just a note, please only post GOOD comments here. If you’d like to post another bad review (of which there are many already), please can you post it here:


  3. I just had to post and say that I had great service from Coricraft 🙂

    They were polite and friendly and helpful; the couches are beautiful and soft and comfortable; they were delivered on time, and without damage.

    So either they’ve improved in the last few months, or I was lucky and had a better experience than you – either way, they’re not all bad!

  4. I bought a couch and coffee table from coricrat Tygervalley a few months ago. Paid my deposit and waited for 6 weeks. Received a phone call from a shop assistant to say that my goods have arrived. I didn’t pay delivery fees cos i thought it was too much and would collect it myself. On phoning the warehouse, a very nice guy by the name of Justin offered to deliver my stuff (on time 🙂 in one piece) for free. Well, i was a pleased as punch. Now to get to the point: I usually check out coricraft website as they advertise their ‘monthly’ specials. I was surprised when i stumbled on all the negative comments from you guys. I am looking to buy a dining romm table and chairs …but after reading all this, i am not so sure i will. (ps. someone mentions a guy by the name of Glen at Canal walk branch: lol, he is the one i spoke to when i went browsing for a table:O:O:O )

  5. i must admit it is my own fault,,,,,,,, when I recently bought a house in ~Somerset West I looked into your comments guys but could not believe they in Coricraft could be so useless,,, anyway I thought hat Somerset Mall branch could be different,,,, Alas they are not,,,,you can blame the system or their lack of trainning , even perhaps their lack of interest but nothing prepares you for their inconsidered customer service.
    over 50000,00 rand and no one item was delivered on time , many were damaged and endless telephone call,,,( from me to them as they do not bother to call you back….. ) And for the managers,,, well if I ever manage my business that way my partner would gladly sue me,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. I bought a couch and huge coffee kist from Coricraft a year ago. I ordered my goods just before their factory closed for the festive season, wondering how long I would have to wait for delivery. Great was my surprise when I received a phone call shortly after factory opening in Jan, informing me that my goods were ready to be delivered…..2 WEEKS before the original delivery date!! The delivery guys were friendly and even willing to move the kist and couch exactly were I wanted it to be. I sat down down on my new couch after they left, thinking I must be the luckiest gal on earth as I did not experience any of the hassles I read about Coricraft. UNTIL I decided to push the kist ever so slightly as it was not perfectly straight and BANG!!! I nearly broke my foot when the one “legs” of the kist broke off. So, Coricraft did it again. I decided not to even bother contacting them, but paid someone else to fix all four legs of the kist. When I saw the poor workmanship on the kist, I was furious! I spend a fortune on something an apprentice carpenter would have been at making. So, I decided that even if it means paying more, I would rather in future buy from reputable stores.

  7. Coricraft – What a dispicable service!!! What I saved in buying well price furniture from Coricraft, I landed up spending on phonecalls, headache tablets and Swartzkof hair dye to cover the grey…

    Useless is an understatement.

  8. I guess I am always lucky at coricraft. Myself and 2 of my friends are always using coricraft fourways for different household pieces and no problems whatsoever. They are professional, friendly and meet their timelines. The one time they could not deliver by their deadline, they were just off by 2 days, they called to give an understandable reason. I personally recommend coricraft, but do realize its tough stumbling upon these pages when you are happily enjoying your purchases.

  9. I have only had good service from Coricraft. In June 2006 we bought a corner couch from them just before we moved into our house. They called to arrange delivery for the day we were moving and I asked if they could rather deliver the next day as we had enough furniture to try and organise on that day, which they did, no problems or hassles. Then last year I bought their military trunk, which I have to say for the workmanship and wood used, is a BARGAIN and they said they didn’t have stock and I would have to wait 2 months to get it. Anyway, I didn’t have to wait that long, I got a phone call a couple of weeks later saying it was ready could I please pay the balance outstanding and they would deliver 2 days after receipt of payment. True to their word, they delivered and placed the rather large and heavy trunk for me. I was truly chuffed with their service and honestly believe that people only have something to say if it’s negative. So I had to post my POSITIVE story here. I have just sold my corner couch as I want to change my decor a bit and have every intention of buying from Coricraft again, as their furniture is very well priced and excellent quality and oh so very comfortable.

  10. We bought two coaches and two ottomans on 9th of July and delivary was 6 weeks later, but they deliver in 4 weeks. But one ottoman is missing.Robbie atCorcraft, Waterfall Mall in Rustenburg could not find it, so they are replacing it. delivary date – 3 weeks! I DO HOPE THAT WE WILL NOT JOIN THE ‘BAD’ STATISTIC-LIST!!!!!!

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