Home Decorating Tip #5 – Use good lighting effects

Chandelier_2.jpgFind what needs to be lit (is it the room, or just a painting?), and a way that enhances the atmosphere. Downlights can be quite good over a bar or pub, modern reading lamps in a study, chandeliers in the entrance, or decorative lamps with lamp shades in the lounge. Also take into account that you can create a soft effect using very warm (in color) light bulbs…

There are a number of ways light can enhance the ambience of a room:

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Ten Tips for Better Interior Decorating and Home Improvement

Here is a list of 10 tips for Interior Decorating and home improvement that I thought I would share with the world. I will list the tips tips here, and then over the next few days (possibly 10) I will post articles that elaborate on these tips…

  1. Choose a paint that you can live with for a LONG time. Especially in your bedroom. In 6 months will you still think bright pink is cool?
  2. Make small rooms seem larger. In this day and age, people are moving into smaller and smaller spaces. Learning how to make the most out of the space you have is essential.
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Lighting your garden with Solar Lights

SolarLight1.jpgOne nice and CHEAP way to light up your garden is to use Solar Powered Lights. These Solar Lights can be easy to install (put it together and stick it in the ground), and cost nothing once bought (unless you need to replace the batteries or bulbs, which shouldn’t happen very often).

I bought a couple of solar lights for my garden, and they work like a charm. They’re cute little things that just illuminate a section of the garden. I’m sure you can get solar lights with more powerful light bulbs, but the ones I bought are just there to accentuate and add a little bit of style to the garden.

You can even get solar fountains to add to your garden, which I think is a pretty clever idea, but if you already have a fountain or water feature, you could add a solar light or 2 around your feature, and voila, it is visible and highlighted all night. Now that’s just GREAT for those evening parties or dinners.

Home Decor For a New Home

by James Hunt

Moving into a new home or apartment is a very fun and exciting time. But, it can also be exhausting when you think of all the tasks you have ahead of you. The one that can be the most daunting or thrilling is the thought of home decor. If you’re good at decorating, you’re probably looking forward to this task. But, if you’re a decorating novice, you might want to think about hiring a professional.

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