Bathroom Hand Towels – An Idea

Empty-Picture-Frame.jpgOk, this idea is definitely NOT for everybody. I saw it in the toilets of a Coffee Shop in an Art Gallery. Of course, artists tend to be arty, and this was arty to the max. Am I judging artist’s by their art, like books by there cover? I apologise for stereotyping. Not all art is art. (Ok, enough of the word “art”).

silver-Picture-Frame.jpgWhat this Gallery had done was to loosely nail an empty picture frame to the wall, and hang the hand-towel through this. I thought this was quite clever, and for a split second thought of adding this touch to my bathroom. But then I remembered that this would not go with ANY style in the house, and thought better of it.

If you have a lot of art, with decorative picture frames, you could think of doing this. Like I said, I really liked the idea, but it’s definitely not for everyone. bronze-Picture-Frame.jpg

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